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Welcome to Enchanting Companions!

The webpage is currently in process of being updated!  Just wanted to drop a note to look forward to new photos and re-worked pages over the next few weeks!!  Thanks for stopping by!~Kristi



I am no longer actively breeding small animals. I will have pomeranians and an occasional cockatiel, and chinchillas. My hedgehog herd has been relocated with Daisy Meadows hedgehogs. My rats are relocated to Enchanting Rats. I will leave information and links up for them and will continue customer support for any questions regarding them as pets. Hopefully, I will be able to rebuild, but for the next year I am completing college and needed to reduce the number of animals being cared for. Please feel free to bookmark my page as it has a lot of information and links to information and keep track because I have a feeling I'll be back by next spring!

I would also like to offer the option of shipping buddies where people close to a major airport might can arrange to combine shipping for their animals.  Animals available will come with a family history, basic care packet and a week's supply of food. They will also be registered(as available). Shipping is available in the US to all legal states(please check with your local and state laws to make sure it is legal to own the particular animal you are interested in before trying to bring one home!) via airlines(generally runs around $250-280 including all but the animal itself).

To see pictures of some of my herd and some of the adopted animals, please follow the Pet Gallery link!

Pet Gallery

Customer Reviews:
Susan S.(MO):   In October 2006, I purchased a puppy from Ms. Kristi Ingles. I usually own larger breed dogs and was a little nervous about purchasing a small dog. I wanted a small lap dog that had a calm and outgoing personality. In Echo, I received all of that and so much more. He is a wonderful, sweet, calm, and outgoing pomeranian. He is not yippy or nervous in the least, which was very important to me. He has a beautiful shape, a wonderful coat, and a gorgeous face. He is a very healthy and happy puppy. I couldn’t be more pleased! Kristi answered all of my questions and then some. I am so pleased with Echo that I am purchasing another puppy from her. Asia will be joining our family soon! Thank you, Kristi, for my wonderful Echo!

Please check the Available page to see who may be up for adoption. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a call. My number is (417)398-2624(if no answer, please leave me a message and number to call back). Thanks!

Stockton, MO

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