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This information includes the purchase and deposit information regarding the pomeranians.

Enchanting Companions is accepting a $100 deposit to hold a puppy.

Deposits are 100% refundable if anything should occur between the time of deposit received and time of actual availability of the puppy that is due to illness or death of the puppy or anything on my part with exception to "refusal to sell" due to indications that the home is no longer appropriate for the puppy(in this case, the deposit is 50% refundable). In a "refusal to sell" due to inappropriate home, basically something would have to occur on the purchaser's end to for me to no longer feel comfortable sending the puppy into the home.

Prior to accepting a deposit for a puppy, a basic questionaire would be sent in order to try to prevent any misunderstandings between the purchaser and the seller that might result in a refusal to sell and also to help to assure that the puppy is going into the appropriate home.

In the case that the purchaser changes their mind or otherwise is unable to get the puppy at the time of purchase, the deposit is non-refundable. The only exception to this would be an extreme personal emergency(and the seller determines that refund though it will consist of NO MORE than a 50% return).

Only place a deposit if you are certain the puppy is the one that you want. If you'd prefer to wait on placing a deposit just be aware that if anyone else does place a deposit to hold that puppy, it will no longer be available(unless the purchase is not completed at the time of availability).

ENCHANTING COMPANIONS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE PRICE OF ANY PUPPY AS IT DEVELOPS ACCORDING TO QUALITY AND SIZE IF NO DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED ON THAT PUPPY PRIOR TO THE PRICE CHANGE. As a note, the puppies born at Enchanting Companions are usually not listed higher than $700 with the average asking price being between $300-500. Prices are determined according to quality, size, and gender of the puppy. Some of these are not fully determinable prior to at least 5 weeks old.

Some puppies may not be available for deposits until they reach 5-6 weeks old.

If you wish to place a deposit or have questions concerning reserving a puppy, please e-mail or call 417-398-2624 and ask for Kristi.